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This piece was intended primarily for medical students and therefore uses some medical slangs. However, it may be applied to almost every discipline. Enjoy!

So many medical students wonder how and why they ended up in medical school. Well, I can suggest some answers: Your parents filled your JAMB form; you were too brilliant; your dad is a doctor; medicine is a family tradition; you were inspired by ER series and the list goes on…..
In the course of serious soul searching, some have come to find out that medicine is not actually for them (although it is impossible to say if their analyses were not influenced by the present state of medicine in the country). Nevertheless, whatever the reason, these people begin to see their time in medical school as ‘wasted years’. Therefore they refuse to take their present assignments serious….. and this is where this piece comes in!

Let’s take a look at the rotations in medical school, better known as postings. An average medical student will go through nothing less than 10 postings in various departments during his/her stay in the college.
However, in the final analysis, he/she would most likely end up practicing in only one of these numerous specialties (postings) despite the compulsory rotations through virtually all the specialties. Does that mean the doctor-to-be alias medical student has wasted his/her time? Of course not! You and I know that he/she is going to need all the information garnered during the rotations to be an effective specialist because the patients (and even the law) cannot and will not differentiate between a specialist and a general practitioner. A doctor is a doctor!
Bottom line: Your realization of the fact that medicine is not for you is not enough reason to abandon your ‘postings’. You should realize that life itself is a series of ‘postings’ in preparation for the ultimate assignment that each of us is to carry out in life. Failure to master the lessons in each posting will surely boomerang in the end. Your being in medical school is a posting designed to impart some lessons and skills that will become useful in coming years.
For the non-medical reader, the take away is this: be diligent in whatever you are doing. It may be the training (and the ticket) required to take you to your desired destination.
And to those who know that medicine is their calling, need I say any more?

Ifeoluwapo Odedere

© 2013

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