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Back To Where I Was Coming From (Guest Post)

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Hello peoples. As we prepare to activate Easter Mode, I figured we could make do with this timely guest post from Le Dynamique Professeur. Those of us that find ourselves in the position to start all over or make a U-Turn will particularly find this helpful. For those wondering where I’ve been hiding, I will be dropping a post later this week. Till then, happy reading, commenting and sharing.

Do you know why there are 12 months in a year?

Ever wondered why we have a leap year once every four years?
Do you know why the start of every new week is Sunday?
Ever thought about where there are new semesters and sessions at school?

Perhaps you have never thought about these questions before now. I have an answer for you though. But before I tell you the answer to these questions, quickly ponder on this statement I came across sometime ago, “There is hope for a tree when it is cut down. It will sprout again. Its shoots will not stop sprouting”. Have you noticed whenever a tree is cut down (that is, not taken out from the roots), a few days later, it grows again? The nature of a tree cut down is the answer to the questions above. Beloved, those questions are to remind you again that, there can be many starts for you so long as you are still alive.

I was driving the other day and I headed towards a motorway I thought would lead me to my intended destination. To my surprise, I started seeing trees, farms along the way pointing to me that I was on my way out of the city. As soon as I realised this, I decided to make a U-turn. I went back to where I was coming from – right where I started. This time, I took notice of every signboard on my way. I was careful not to miss any of them. I finally discovered where I missed the road. In no time, I was on the way to the exact place I intended to go. I got to my destination safely. 

Many of us are too shy or scared to make a U-turn. We care so much about what people will say; how people will judge us; the cost of starting all over again. When you go back to where you started from, you have the advantage of seeing where and how you missed it. It is never too late for a man that still has breath in his nostrils. Every event in life points to the fact that there can be many starts to a thing; an opportunity to begin again. Don’t be a coward! BEGIN AGAIN!

No matter how bad things are for you, there is always an opportunity to begin again. Peradventure you have strayed away from the very path of purpose and fulfilment and you are wondering if its too late. It is never too late to begin again my friend. Are you reading this and you’ve always wanted to do something in your life and you have this thing suggesting to you that you’ve gone past that now and its no longer possible. Reply that voice within and say to it, “I can always begin again!” Is your home beginning to look like you don’t recognise where it’s going anymore; call your spouse and go back to your courting days – begin again together! Are your grades in academics becoming embarrassing? It’s high time you got back to the serious student you once were – Yes, you can do it again! I’ve seen a man who got his PhD at 84. Listen, there’s no end, except that which is decided by death or yourself. While death hasn’t come, why not begin again???

Samuel Ekundayo is a doctor of Business Information Systems; a natural teacher, life coach and motivator. He is currently an IT practitioner with a Multinational company in New Zealand. He is an award winner author and speaker with published articles both on the internet and in internationally recognised journals. He is married to his beautiful wife and they live together in Auckland, New Zealand. You can read more of his posts at Dynamique Professeur.

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