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3 Things we learnt from 2015 Nigerian Elections

  After theoretical and field combinations and permutations, Nigerians have chosen their president. And they have chosen their MPs and…

Featured Post: God is not a punctuation mark!

Today’s featured post by Taiwo Asiwaju is bound to challenge the way you use God in your everyday speech. Don’t…

Featured Post: Why It Is So Hard To Keep Our Resolutions

When author, speaker and managing director at Goldman Sachs shares an insight on habits and resolutions, you’d better be listening….

Featured Post: Why @LindaIkeji Is Hated

I’m not a fan of Linda Ikeji, neither am I a fan of taking down her blog. Ever since the Linda…

Featured Post: Tell Me Your Dreams

It’s that time of the month again when I scavenge for worthwhile posts from other blogs (and authors) that I…

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