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Dear Nancy: Episode 3 (Nancy’s Reply)

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This post is the second follow up and the first reply to Dear Nancy – a breakup letter written by a guy to his very close girlfriend. If you’re new to the series, you can read Episode 1 and Episode 2.  If you’ll like to contribute to subsequent episodes of Dear Nancy or think you have a better response, send a mail to  and stay subscribed to be in the know.



Dear Bobby,

I got your note and I’m gonna make this reply rather short. It’s really a good idea you wrote this note first but I would have loved it if I got this message six months ago. I think the first thing you should have said after our first kiss was that you had a fiancee. Yes, it was just an innocent kiss and instead of putting a stop to it right there, you fueled the passion further.

You needed a confidant because your fiancee was out of the town for two months and I was just the perfect person to fill that role; we were friends but we forgot to draw the line. I am not offended by your note, I am just surprised how your nerves suddenly triggered your brain to send me this mail only when your wedding is a few months from now. This same nerves were shut down six months earlier.

Well, I don’t see myself as the other woman. I’d rather say ‘WE’ are the other couple, the one that is not planning to get married. It takes two to tangle right? As for the ‘other guy’ whom you have suddenly developed an interest in, he is doing great & I should meet his family soon.

Wishing a happy married life though I would not be around for the wedding – work things. Take care.


Someone has a different opinion on how the letter should have been written, read her response here in Episode 4.

This episode was written by Anuoluwapo Odedere.

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Anuoluwapo is a trained microbiologist, a lazy writer and a lover of children. She is currently doing a masters in public health. You can reach her on Facebook



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