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Dear Nancy: Episode 4 (The Second Reply)

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This post is the third follow up and the second reply to Dear Nancy. If you’re new to the series, you can read Episode 1Episode 2 and Episode 3 and tell us which of the responses you prefer. To contribute to subsequent episodes of Dear Nancy or compose a better response, send a mail to  and stay subscribed to be in the know.
Dear Bobby,Receiving your letter was like drinking a cool draught of water on a hot day. Alas, as I read on it was more like a rude awakening from a pleasant dream by splash of cold water to the face.I feel somewhat guilty to have been a part of something I would usually stand against, and sometimes, I feel ashamed to meet her eyes. But I cannot deny… I cannot deny that I have not been happier in the last few months than I have ever been all my life. That our conversations are replayed like a sweet medley in my head. And the kissing… Oh the kisses.Yes, I understand your position. I hope you do realize that it is exactly because you are this man-the one who understands priority over sentiments- that I love you? And that your trying to do the right thing only makes me love you more…

When did I become this person? What have you done to me? Is it abhorrent that I secretly wish that your relationship ends and that I am here to pick you up? I believe that she is right for you and would make an excellent wife and mother, but what we have is phenomenal. It defies logic.

I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t do this. I fear that you may not love me as much as I think you do.That I wouldn’t ask this of you. That when this day comes (and I knew it was coming) I’d graciously step aside, let you go and be thankful for the chance to love you. But I can not do this. I am not strong enough.

So I throw caution to the winds and cast my fear aside. I have promised myself a life of no regrets. Choose me…

I want extraordinary, I want you.

Yours alone,



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This episode was written by Motunlayo Falade. Another rejoinder will be published on Sunday. Which of the three responses do you prefer? Drop a comment below or send a mail to

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