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Dreams vs Education

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Recently I have found myself pondering over the issue of conventional education and degrees. Having completed my Masters degree in the much-admired engineering field, I find myself sitting at the bottom of the food chain, job hunting and wondering what the future holds. In the midst of all my misery, I read about a female billionaire who ditched the idea of conventional education, worked on an idea that revolutionized the way blood tests are conducted and simply made her way to the top….without a degree. Her story made me think of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and the many other successful people in the world who did it their way- no degrees, just their dreams. It made me wonder.. what is more important? Pursuing a degree like billions of other people, or setting yourself apart and following your dreams

With the scarcity in white collar jobs, and the increasing rate of un-befitting employment, I have to ask if it will be worth it to use the money spent on a fancy university degree to build our dreams instead. Will people be happier following their dreams? I constantly meet so many unhappy people, working in what the world believes is the right career. Perhaps following our dreams may be more important, more liberating, more fulfilling.


Demilade Fayemiwo is a scientist-turned-engineer, life coach (in training), writer, and as her friends call her, “blogger extraordinaire”.

She is a contributor on Musings of An Analytical Mind.

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