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In his write up Why the Crayfish Bent, Dayo wrote about how many Nigerians are fast becoming entrepreneurs in the light of the economic challenges in Nigeria. The idea of the write up was to caution people from taking reactionary stance on life with respect to their choice of careers, especially entrepreneurship. I agreed back then. However, in the light of recent experiences and drawing from history, I’ve come to a conclusion that Nigerians turning entrepreneurs might not be so much of a reactionary maneuver as much as it is a revolution (or evolution depending on how you see it).

History has been punctuated by significant turning points, points that resulted in rapid advances in knowledge and technology. Those turning points, in many cases, were painful and harrowing. One that readily comes to my mind is the World War II, the war that cost almost 20 million lives in a space of 6 years (1939 – 1945). Though devastating, many of the technologies that became the cornerstones for the advancement of modern technology were born during this era: the jet-powered plane developed in Germany, the V-2 rockets, the precursor to the space rockets, developed in Germany, the Ultra machine developed in Britain which sparked study into the field of what we now know as computers, just to name a few.

The point is that those dark moments were the anvils that forged a whole new set of people and inventions. So for Nigeria, I’d say our economic and political climate have become the anvils forging the Nigerian people into or rather forcing out of Nigerian people, what they were created to be. After all, when you’re under pressure, it’s what’s inside you that comes out. I daresay that we are at the edge of a revolution, whether it is economic or digital I can’t say. But one thing is certain, look around you, something is happening and a group of people are right in the middle of it.

So like Dayo concluded in his article: Why did the crayfish bend? I’d say the crayfish bent. It is bent.


Ifeoluwapo is a Medical Doctor, Brand Strategist and the Author of Musings of an Analytical Mind. He loves to challenge conventional thinkingife3 and is a firm believer in the coexistence of aesthetics and quality. You can follow him on Twitter – @hypoxia13

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