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This week’s featured post is by a very skilled writer and friend – Dayo Olakulehin and incidentally, today is his birthday. His post is a continuation of the series I titled ‘Business-Like Posts’. In it you will find out if truly ‘na condition make crayfish bend.’

So read, comment and share as inspired. And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday.

Science, as we know it, is dynamic. Our knowledge is usually only as valid as the duration of time it takes for the next discovery. Application updates have become thorns in our flesh in very recent times, God bless the era of 3310! But science has always been used to the concept of updates. Once upon a time the world was flat. Once upon a time thalidomide was a wonderful new drug. Once upon a time the MMR vaccine was completely unrelated to autism. Once upon a time. This explains why scientists have adopted that extremely necessary introductory phrase. “Current evidence suggests …” This, I believe is the reason academic pride by definition cannot exist, for if you made a discovery today, it’s proof you did not know everything yesterday, and that there’s probably more to find out tomorrow. So that pill you just took? Current evidence suggests that it is safe for you :) Talking about drugs, in the words of Hippocrates “The greatest medicine you will ever take is the food you eat daily” But we are not here to talk about drugs, we are discussing the crayfish.
On survival and evolution, current evidence suggests that we have not always been like this. It appears, they say, that our ancestors possessed parts or organs which have now become vestigial or completely atrophied , by virtue of disuse , and that by virtue of necessity we have strengthened some other parts and indeed formed new ones. So the argument is that: which is more powerful? The environment? Or the genes? If I suddenly need horns to survive? My genes definitely do not  code for horns? Or do they? Does necessity modify our genes? Or do our genes modify necessity?
On a lighter note, a little girl returned home bothered one day. She had just been introduced to the concept of evolution. Her science teacher had informed her, to her dismay, that the early ancestors of humans are apes. So she got home and discussed with her mum. “Mum, is it true we descended from apes? Is evolution true? ” “No my dear, that’s science’s attempt at explaining God’s wonderful creation. We were made in God’s image, deliberately, and we have always been this cute” . Unconvinced , she ran to her father.  “Dad, is it true we descended from apes? Is evolution true? ” “Oh they taught you that already? Well my dear, it’s quite true. You’ll understand better as you grow older, but that was millions of years ago, a very long time ago, our ancestors were ape-like, but it’s fine now dear, we are humans” . Now more confused than ever, the little girl runs back to her mother. “Daddy says our ancestors are apes, who do I believe ?” “Oh darling”, her mum replied , “I was talking about your mother-side, your dad was probably talking about his own ancestors!”
The alarming and sky-rocketing numbers of unemployed graduates and indeed, unemployable graduates has become increasingly glaring over the past decades. We are coming to terms with the obvious reality that a sad amount of qualified persons will not be gainfully employed. The recent immigration recruitment eye sore bears testament to this. This has been a significant environmental burden and it appears our genes have reacted. Entrepreneurship. Create jobs. Skills and entrepreneurship development training etc. GST 202 (or so). Everyone should go and start a business. Let us teach them how to go about it, adjust the school curricula, we must factor in this important issue. I once joked that Nigeria is the real start up nation! Almost every young person has ‘CEO’ on their business cards or twitter bio. How did we get here?
We have made people who have no idea of business teach mere words, we have glorified the office of the motivational speaker who himself has no fruits, no pedigree whatsoever. Just teach them entrepreneurship. Please enlighten me. Who taught the industrious Igbos of the 50′s risk, return, recapitalization cost, segmentation and product positioning? Who tutored the Ijebus on games theory, quantitative economics, and econometrics? Who trained the Fulani herds men market trends and compound interest? ( I actually mean herd as in cattle!) . First trimester abortions have become more common in start-ups than even the field of obstetrics! Could this reactive teach- entrepreneurship-anyway-at-all-cost protease spewing gene be responsible? Maybe not every Tom indeed can teach this thing… Maybe not every Dick should be an entrepreneur? As for Harry, he’s probably an online activist :(
History is prophetic. Like a tennis match on repeat broadcast, like a tale with a well known end, the political scene in Nigeria is panning out to be 60′s all over again. Dust your history books, or rather, buy one. The quality -or lack of it- in leadership and the enabling environment for corruption seem to be at extraterrestrial levels. This is another major environmental burden. Our genes are not inept, guess what, we are now coding for new proteins, everyone is now a politician :) This one is actually a really cute development. You see people publicly display their ignorance on issues, inspired by greed, motivated by sycophancy; the one with the loudest voice only is heard. Brilliant minds and  creative geniuses brewing facts garnished with lies and pure fiction, championing surface-value noble causes, amassing innumerable follower-ship, carefully , subliminally enforcing the purposes of the one who signs those fat cheques. For security reasons, I will allow time to complete this paragraph, yes I am that nice.
So am I suggesting that we should not teach entrepreneurship? That we shouldn’t have more entrepreneurs? That we shouldn’t empower young bright minds to think job creation? Considering I argued this in my final project ( , that will be unwise. Am I discouraging involvement in politics? Am I encouraging being docile and uninvolved? No I’m not. I am saying don’t go about it blindly and reactively like a decapitated wall gecko. In modern day parlance , don’t force it. If it’s not there, it’s not there. Someone recently audaciously dared all youths to get involved and join a political party. Unfortunately, our party systems do not represent philosophies and ideals, but interests and sentiments. Like iron fillings, I see young people track toward the poles of the ruling or opposition parties, howbeit blindly! Even the ogas at the top pay no such allegiance to the magnetic field, like gas particles they are free flowing, as always, in the direction of interests, sentiments and gastric inspired allegiances.
Our society needs intellectuals. We need genuine academics. Practicing doctors, seasoned engineers, creative social scientists, lawyers with pure dexterity, dedicated teachers. If it’s in you, it’s in you. If you are designed to wear many caps, like some have successfully done, please wear them nicely, but don’t make us feel that is the rule. If it is not there, it is not there. Don’t force it. Very soon, we will all be very old, very very old. You don’t want to look back  to discover that your life was a reaction. Stay true to your heart, that is where true joy is.
So how did the crayfish bend? Well, current evidence suggests it is not condition. The crayfish bent. The crayfish is bent.

Dayo is a medical doctor by training, a piano player when not working, a writer when off the piano, a photographer when not writing, an avid reader at leisure time and a seasoned speaker anytime. He loves to challenge convention, encourage people to be more and do more, and to change his world one person at a time. He tweets from @thisdayo 

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