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Featured Post: The One Mistake We Make In Fulfilling Purpose

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This week’s featured post is from Daily Insights. It explains in few words a common misconception many (young) people have in their quest to achieve greatness. I’m sure you will find this insight very useful. Happy reading and don’t forget to share.

One common mistake we humans make in our strive for purpose/mastery/perfection is to think that if what we set out to do is really our calling, then that activity will come naturally to us. Once we begin to experience some difficulty, we conclude that the task isn’t meant for us.

Here lies the secret of a familiar but undervalued word – Practice. Nobody, no matter how talented (s)he is, has ever made it to limelight without significant practice. Practice has always and will always make perfect.

The reverse is also true – lack of practice will lead to disuse and shrinkage. So don’t give up. No grandmaster was made in a day.

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This post was originally published on Daily Insights as ‘On Continuous Practice’

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