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I Could Have Done More

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By Ifeoluwapo – Author, Musings of an Analytical Mind.

Schindler’s List  left an impression on me in a way that most three-hour movies never do. The widely known story of how Oskar Schindlersingle handedly saved thousands of Jews from Nazi annihilation during World War II struck a chord with me in a way I can never forget.  But beyond being a spectacular World War II story, Schindler’s List brought along with it a message that many New Year Resolutionists will do well to take note of.

As the movie drew to its conclusion, German soldiers are seeing fleeing the concentration (prison) camp as an army of Russian Liberators close in. Oskar Schindler, who has affiliations with the Nazi Party, also has to flee even though he has committed no war crimes. To protect him from trials should he be captured, the Jews write a letter, signed by every one of them, giving evidence to how Schindler was personally responsible for their safety throughout the war. The letter is presented to Oscar along with a gold ring. Upon receiving the letter and the ring, Oskar burst into tears. “I could have done more…. I could have done more…” he sobbed.

One of Schindler’s Jews being harrassed
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The small crowd of Jewish survivors is shocked. Here is someone who paid for the lives of every single one of them with his money, someone who spent millions bribing high-ranking German SS officials to ensure that these Jews were not sent to death camps and at the same time had to pay the soldiers of the concentration camp to ‘not molest’ them. Yet, here he was crying that he could have done more.
The leader of the Jewish survivors tells Oscar that he had done more than enough and all of them would forever be grateful to him. But Oscar looks up, takes off his wristwatch and says “This watch could have paid for the lives of three more Jews.” He then points to his car, “It could have paid for the lives of ten Jews. I could have done more” The scene concludes with Oscar getting into his car with his wife, sobbing all the way as they are being driven to safety. Everyone at the scene is stunned at this mini-speech, including myself watching the movie.
Fast forward, seventy years and we’re the New Year 2015. Despite the resolutions you may have made, it is very easy to get distracted from your goals only to realize at the end of the year that there was so much you could have done, so many opportunities you could have seized and so many lives you could have touched. So going into 2015, here is my two cents to you: Live your life in such a way that at the end of the year, you will have no reason to say “I could have done more”.
Happy New Year.
In a few lines: Never be satisfied with mediocrity. Be determined to give your best.

About The Author:

Ifeoluwapo is a Medical Doctor, Brand Strategist, Blogger and Author of several hundred quotes (Daily Insights).

He believes aesthetics and quality are not mutually exclusive and does his utmost to get the best of both. He is the author of Musings of An Analytical Mind and tweets from @hypoxia13

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