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In response to my last post – ‘Can We Really Know Our Purpose?‘ (read it here), I have received quite a number of responses. Some people agreed that we really cannot know our purpose while some said that it is possible to know what our purpose here on earth is. Others were just indifferent. It would have been interesting to have had these comments posted in the comments section for discussion. However, most of the comments were sent via Twitter and BlackBerry, so I am the only person digesting all the thoughts.

One of the responses I got came from Ms Pai, whose question it was that inspired the post. I have decided to publish it in the hope of providing a¬†balanced perspective to the discussion. I hope you enjoy it. By the way, thanks to you all who pointed out grammatical errors in the post, it won’t repeat itself again ūüôā

Dear Ife,

Thank you for your mail and the link. I have read your article and I must say its a good piece.
I am however concerned that you didn’t present my point in the light of what I was saying to the group. I understand your perspective that we can never know the final destination but we must have a sense of direction in life.
You can only truly move/act, do etc when you have a place you are going to. No one wakes up in the morning takes a bath, dresses up and heads out of their house without having a plan or things to do or accomplish. Its these things that help us to achieve the bigger picture. I believe that things should be put in proper context. This I am not sure your article considered in relation to the point I was trying to put across to the team. It is possible to know what you want to do. Joseph knew he was going to rule… what he didn’t know was how it was going to happen… Christ knew the purpose for which he was born to earth and He lived it.¬†
Each of us has a purpose. If we don’t know or find out, we will abuse our calling. A Ming Vase of the Ming Dynasty cost millions of dollars, but a man who knows nothing about it, will abuse it and use it for something other than the priced article it is. Purpose prevents abuse!
I hope I have provided some clarity for you and would appreciate a follow up to your article that puts my point in proper context/perspective. 
Do have a good evening.
Don’t leave yet!

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