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Hi readers, guess it’s not too late to say Happy New Year. It’s been a while and I’m glad to be back. I’m sure you feel the same 🙂 We’ll be flagging off our first post this year with a Guest Post from a friend of mine, Bibobrah Emretane. Enjoy.

Ife has been bugging me to write for over a week now. I couldn’t bear the consequence of not meeting his deadline .I write only when I’m inspired(also known as lazy writer’s syndrome) but with Ife inspiration had to come from somewhere, so here goes….

You would always remember your first time. For me it was and still is an experience I won’t forget in a hurry. Nigeria was hosting under 17 world cup(or was it under-21?,I guess it doesn’t matter since all our players looked at least 35!). I had to be part of history. 
Getting to Teslim Balogun Stadium shouldn’t be that big of a deal or so I thought. I called my sister and off we went.

When we got to ojuelegba,I knew I would be making history in another way. ‘Let’s take a bike,there is no other way’. This was my younger sister already flagging down an ‘okada’ while I looked helpless. I clung to the man for my dear life and prayed every second of the way there,might I add that my sister was laughing for the same amount of time. People do take challenges differently.

I have had several other okada rides after that. On the other hand,I have certified dead the people who didn’t make it to their destination on board these same ‘okadas’. 
So why take them in the first place? The answers really is in the question. Maybe we are all trying to fill a need. A need to move around in a big city on small time. A need to get access to transportation in the areas where nothing else seems to reach.

Trust me,I’m not pro-okada and would never be but I amazed myself with all the ‘mouth’ I had made in the past. How I promised to ban okadas even if I were just a commissioner’s wife! I guess I learned the key to solving a problem is tackling why the problem is there in the first place. Better road networks, a bus stop 2minutes walk from your house or office, decent public buses and trains where you can get home and not smell like crayfish just because another passenger did. If those were available, where do you think the okada menace would fit in the scheme of things?

Yours Truly,


Bibobrah Emretane is a medical doctor with a big heart who loves writing and travelling. She is passionate about positive change in Nigeria. She blogs at and tweets fro@bibobrah

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