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My Perspective On Nigerian Weddings

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By Moyo Oyebolu – featured writer, Musings of An Analytical Mind


Nigerian weddings have become the new “IT “thing. These past few years have seen the wedding industry explode: from having simple ceremonies, we now have lavish ceremonies where couples seem want to out do the last big wedding. All of this is being driven by our love for showmanship rather than a celebration of love. Instagram, BBM, Bella Naija and Facebook have all contributed in no small measure to our showmanship.
Proposals are now splashed all over the social media. I always wonder how such a private moment could be photographed so immaculately. It’s as though a photographer was called to capture the moment – a tribute to our showmanship nature.

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Once that is done, we move on to the introduction, which as far as I know and understand is supposed to be a family affair. But what we currently we have is a jamboree of sorts where the friends and well-wishers of the bride and groom are in attendance. The implication is that instead of holding at the bride’s home, the introduction takes place in a hall with caterers, decorators, photographers and all the whatnots.
Engagement a.k.a traditional marriage remains largely untouched probably because it has its own set rules and guidelines. The only thing I have a problem with are the Alaga Ijokos – who have become professionally extortionists.
Pre-wedding pictures started out as a cute idea; couples take photos together at a nice location. However, of late, it has become pure showmanship – now, we have underwater pre-wedding shots and jungle-themed shoots. In fact, now is a great time to be photographer – 450-500k every weekend in a country where tax evasion is the norm is mind-blowing!
The main event, the wedding itself requires just a few essentials – the wedding dress, the suit and rings. However, for some reason, we now have genetically prepared bridesmaids; brides handpicking bridesmaids who have a certain look – be it light-skinned or dark-skinned – the important thing is that they look great in photos! I thought bridesmaids were supposed to be the bride’s friends but then what do I know. Years down the line, you look at those photos and realize you don’t recognize anyone in it. But I guess we are about now not later.
And there’s the Aso ebi, which is steeped in the tradition, I won’t go into details with that. A final word to visitors at weddings, especially the ladies who try to compete with bride – “It’s her day, please let her have it.”
Thanks for reading my thoughts on Nigerian weddings, I’ll appreciate your comments and opinions.

About The Author:

Moyosore Oyebolu is a dentist, reader of Nigerian history and literature. An on and off writer, he is currently improving on his dental degree and hopes to use all he has learnt for public service. You can reach him on Twitter @Moyooyebolu



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