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By Ifeoluwapo – Author, Musings of an Analytical Mind.

If you do more than wake up and sleep, then you probably have at least one thing you hope to achieve by the end of 2015, hopefully. If that’s the case, then we’re in business. Welcome to my second post for 2015.

With few exceptions, we all set out this year to achieve at least one goal that will put our lives on the path to Guinness Book of Records greatness. We have hopes of ending 2015 on a strong note (whatever that means), having published books, and attained certifications and dropped new singles to the awe of friends and onlookers. While these lofty goals are inspiring by modern standards, quite many, if not all of them will not be achieved – not because of witchcraft or absent electricity, but due to something so simple, yet so complex. Or so it seems.
You see, there is just one problem with all those goals I listed (and others like them) – they are not time-bound. What has that got to do with the price of sachet water? A lot! Here is how it works:
As the year progresses, you will encounter a lot of activities, tasks and events all begging for your pre-allotted 24 hours. Naturally, there isn’t sufficient time to engage in all these activities, so you have to prioritize. In the process of prioritizing, you unknowingly start to procrastinate. How? You ask. It’s easy. Since you haven’t assigned a completion date to any of your goals for the year, you are inclined to push them further down your (non-existent) timetable of events to accommodate the pressing needs of the hour. You then console yourself with statements like ‘I’ll do it before the end of the year.’Soon the end of the year comes like Santa Claus and you re-format your goals into a New Year Resolution. And the cycle goes on.
How do you prevent that in 2015? Simple. Put a date on it.


Set a deadline or timeline for every single thing you want to accomplish this year, even it is repairing your torn bag. This is the first step to bringing your dreams to reality and will radically alter your approach to goal accomplishment. Setting deadlines forces you to be realistic, anticipate challenges and come up with solutions to deal with them. And more importantly, as the deadline approaches, you are forced to deal with issues head-on instead of pushing it further down the ‘before the end of the year’ funnel. and you want to harness that power for your good.
Of course, setting timelines for your goals isn’t the only step and doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve all your goals. However, it will increase your chances of achieving them and make you a better person in the process.
So when the next idea for creating the best gossip blog pops up in your head, simply remember to put a date on it.
In a few lines:Assign each of your goals for 2015 a completion date. That way you reduce the risk of procrastinating into 2016.
What to do:List out your goals and dreams for 2015 and begin to assign realistic deadline for each of them. Don’t go to bed without doing it.


Next week, we’ll talk about what to do after you have assigned deadlines.

About The Author:

Ifeoluwapo is a Medical Doctor, Brand Strategist, Blogger and Author of several hundred quotes (Daily Insights).

He believes aesthetics and quality are not mutually exclusive and does his utmost to get the best of both. He is the author of Musings of An Analytical Mind and tweets from @hypoxia13

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