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Pride is not giving glory to God. Period!

Three things you should know about pride:
– Pride is a thing of the heart and is between the individual and God.
– It is not to be confused with confidence or a healthy self-esteem.
– Pride and publicity do not necessarily go hand in hand. Much of pride goes unnoticed.

People may praise and honour you; you may accept the praises and honour bestowed on you.  However, until you refuse to give Glory to God for those honours you have received, pride has not set in.
Parting thoughts: When someone does something well, give them the praise they deserve. It is not your duty to turn the person’s ‘glory’ over to God. Let them do that by themselves. A typical scenario occurs when we hear “Let’s clap for Jesus for a wonderful presentation”.

Ifeoluwapo Odedere
© 2012 

N.B. As you might have noticed, the general view of pride is not included in this article. This is because the focus here is on the religious connotations. 
Hopefully, someday we will be able to discuss pride from the non religious viewpoint. Thanks for reading

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