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Here is a collection of personally authored quotes I’ve compiled for this month. Read and enjoy.

  • Your opinion of me doesn’t affect my opinion of myself. It only affects my opinion of you,which by the way shouldn’t affect your opinion of yourself
  • The Nehemiah Principle: always be prepared… for the opportunity you are praying for.
  • Unless your brain undergoes mutation, you can’t think/reason beyond your level of exposure… (People, Books, Places, Multimedia).
  • The human heart as we know it, essentially is two different hearts beating as One… Value differences.
  • Except you’ve been in their shoes… in the same situation… Don’t pass judgement.
  • Talent is not enough; you need to Practice. Zeal is not sufficient; you have to acquire Knowledge
  • The fact that you are eager to do God’s will does not excuse you from the consequences of misinterpreting it.
  • You’ll get there much faster… If you know where you are going.
  • It’s not just about the ability to Listen…. who you listen to matters.
  • Everything you ever need per time is always available… either within you or around you…. Look Carefully

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