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Six Packs Wasn’t Built in a Day

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Everybody loves six packs – even those who justify pot belly as a sign of good living. Let’s not even talk about girls, many of whom would go into spasms at the sight of well-toned abdominal muscles. Whether it’s the promise of security or the potential for muscular offspring that makes six packs one of the screening criteria for eligible suitors, we just may never know… and it isn’t any of our business because that’s not the focus of today’s discussion.

So the real question is if six packs are so adorable, why doesn’t every guy have it? Or for girls, why doesn’t every girl have a flat tummy? The answer is easier than we might think. It’s simple – because like every good thing in life, it takes hard work!

Only few people, if any at all were born with six-packs or with muscular features for that matter. Anybody you see with any form of muscular endowment worked for it (though not all), and definitely didn’t achieve it in a day, week or month. It probably took months (note the ‘s’) of consistently working out to achieve that physique. The keyword here is CONSISTENT. So you don’t start the exercise today, take a 4-day break then do another two days and expect your body to undergo a transfiguration.

So why have I decided to inform you about the unattainable six packs? Am I thinking of getting a six-packed abs? Definitely yes! However, beyond that, there are a few lessons I think we can apply to our lives by reflecting on six packs and I’ll highlight them below.

  1. Getting well toned abs takes time, discipline and consistency – the same with achieving success in any discipline be it professional, physical or character-wise. Remember, the keyword is Consistency.
  2. You will never achieve six packs (or flat tummy) if you spend all your time doing squats or push-ups. Those exercises are meant to develop other parts of your body not your abs.

    The point is this: ‘correct practice makes perfect’. You will not achieve your desired results if you engage in the wrong activityTweet: 'Correct practice makes perfect’. You will not achieve your desired results if you engage in the wrong activity. #AnalyticalMind

  3. And yeah, it doesn’t end at achieving the Abs of your dreams; you have to maintain it by engaging in regular and continuous exercise– The same goes for success; achieving success is one thing, maintaining it is another. When you achieve success is not the time to stop doing the activities that brought you success – the early morning reading hours, the regular church services, the punctuality to work, the books you read, the inspiring friendships you kept and etc.

So you want to know what happens when you stop exercising? You simply revert back to your ‘unique’ figure.


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Ifeoluwapo is a Medical Doctor, Brand Strategist, Blogger and Author of several hundred quotes (Daily Insights).ife3
He is the author of Musings of An Analytical Mind and tweets from @hypoxia13



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