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Definitions:  (1) A distinctive and identifiable form in an artistic medium such as music, architecture or literature.

  (2) A way of doing something, especially a way regarded as expressing a particular attitude or typifying a particular period.

  (3) The way in which something is written or performed, as distinct from its content     

Thesaurus:  method, chic, panache, polish, manner, approach, technique, class.   

Antonym: gracelessness.   

This short note is an article on the uniqueness of the individual.

Style is the way you do things that produces results for you, which may not necessarily produce (the same degree of) results for another person. It is what makes individuals unique and distinguishes them from each other. In simple words, it is your identification tag. Note that the key phrases are that ‘it works for you’ and that ‘it usually doesn’t work for others’.

Two people or entities may be engaged in the same activity at the same point in time; they may even aim to produce the same product. However, the difference in methods of execution is what usually separates and differentiates one from the other.

We experience the concept of style in our everyday lives: in speeches, execution of tasks, academics, relationships, management types etc. What makes style unique to each individual is that it is a combination of personality type, creative ability, unique (past) experiences and the ultimate purpose of the activity in which the individual is engaged in, all of which are different for different individuals.  

Every individual has a unique personality and a distinct set of experiences, which means that a generic set of rules and instructions as to how to conduct one’s life (known as norms) will prevent an individual from experiencing the ultimate version of his/her life.

Since a style is more or less peculiar to and only works optimally for the individual who ‘owns’ it, it therefore follows that copying another person’s style will only produce a sub-excellent result for the ‘copier’. This is the basis of mediocrity, which pervades our society in all areas.

Ifeoluwapo Odedere
© 2012

  1. Microsoft Encarta

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