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By Demilade Fayemiwo – contributor, Musings of an Analytical Mind

Competition- the one word that gets many of us excited, while some of us wrinkle our noses and point out the many reasons we shouldn’t compete with one another. Recently, I spent some time thinking about competition, its pros and cons, and the reason its cons are being communicated through society much more than its pros. What is it about competition that makes the hairs on the backs of our necks stand?

To be competitive is sometimes viewed as a bad attribute, and people who possess a keen edge for competition are sometimes seen as overbearing, “too much to handle”, perhaps even annoying. Of course, too much of everything is bad. I have to admit that overly competitive people annoy me to a certain extent, but people who are not competitive in any way bore me to death and yes, they annoy me too!

Competition is a fuel for motivation; imagine if we all lived in this world with no external incentive to succeed, how mediocre would our lives be? Competition pushes us; seeing a colleague, a friend or even an older individual attain certain heights causes us to work harder, plan better and even seek out mentors that can guide us on the path to success. Would we have such desires if we were not competing against society’s defined modules of success?

Competition is a necessity; being overly competitive is an unnecessary obsession. Competition is an involuntary quality we all possess. We drive past a Mercedes c-class AMG in traffic, and wish for it in our hearts, we observe a happy couple in a beautiful mansion, and immediately go home to check our finances and plan how we can also afford our own mansion. It’s an irrefutable human quality, and a necessary human need if we desire to go beyond the wiles of mediocrity.

About The Author:

Demilade Fayemiwo is a scientist-turned-engineer, life coach (in training), writer, and as her friends call her, “blogger extraordinaire”.

She is a contributor on Musings of An Analytical Mind.

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