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What The Woman In The Bus Said

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Here is something to get you started this week. Reflect on it and lemme know what you think.

I was in a bus some weeks ago and there was this woman seated behind me preaching. It was quite an experience for me (more on it here). Even though I couldn’t concentrate on either my thoughts or the sermon, a statement she made caught my attention and I have decided to write about it. 

In her introductory message, she told my ‘fellow’ passengers to thank God for the gift of life (we all should do that). As she proceeded to the next round of thanks, she said “Let’s thank God for the freedom that you and I have. Some people are confined to their houses like prisoners… every time they have to go out, they have to be in the company of security operatives… but you and I can go out as we like without worrying about any of these things…” [end of quote]

Questions immediately sprang up in my mind. Is this truly a ‘reason’ to thank God? Or is it that we just have low ambitions? I wasn’t sure which was the case. In an environment where everyone prays and hopes to be successful, it may seem that such prayer of ‘thanks’ was not in sync with the prayers of ‘blessings’ we regularly offer.

Take a moment to reflect on this and you will realize that more often than not, with increasing prominence comes certain restrictions. It therefore follows that the higher you rise in life, the less you are free to do certain things that others take for granted. Of course, there is a type of restriction that borders on bondage, for example if you are a dictator, you probably will live your entire in suspicion and under heavy guard – I’m not talking about this type of restriction. 

Regardless of what you might think, the one thing I took out of the monologue (hers) is that many people like the idea of success but not the reality of success itself.

N.B.  You can replace ‘success’ in the above paragraph with words like: relationship, motherhood, promotion, marriage, degrees etc

Ifeoluwapo Odedere
© 2014

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