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Almost everyone prays for an opportunity: an opportunity to lead, an opportunity to demonstrate capability, an opportunity to be successful etc. The opportunities are endless. However, what are opportunities?

Many of us view opportunities as strokes of luck that randomly descend on a select few. We see opportunities as divine strangers visiting us without warning with the sole purpose of taking us to the next level or making our dreams a reality. What we do not realize about opportunities is that they simply are what they are: Opportunities.

This brings us to what opportunities are not. They are not and have little or no connection with luck. They do not just happen. They are not magic!

Here is what I think opportunities are: they are pre-designed tests at various junctions in our lives that serve the purpose of assessing our mastery of principles/lessons required to move on to the next phase of achievement, be it academic, economic, emotional, spiritual etc. A successful outcome at these pre-designated tests brings about the advances/breakthroughs that we see. Failure on the other hand usually goes unnoticed, which is why we usually associate opportunities with success.

Bottom line:
Be diligent in whatever you do: you never know when the opportunity would show up.
Always be prepared: because you can never take full/optimal advantage of an ‘opportunity’ for which you are not prepared.

Ifeoluwapo Odedere
© 2012 

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