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There is one thing technology and fashion have in common: they are constantly improving- you just cannot seem to have the best of them. Just when you think you have caught up with the latest trends or inventions, something else comes up. 

But I’m not writing to inform you of the latest technological breakthrough or the most dazzling fashion trends (definitely not!). I just want to do something you guys might just term ‘crazy’. I actually want to relate this interesting chararacteristic of technology to relationships. Gasp! 

Those who are not yet committed might be able to relate to this. Have you ever wondered why people go crazy over someone (guy or lady) during a stage of their lives and its like their whole world revolves around that person. Its like nobody can ever match up to the ‘exceptional’ qualities of this ‘Romeo’ or ‘Juliet’. In fact those who are serious wouldn’t mind proposing immediately because they feel like if they miss it now, they’ll never get that kind of a chance again. And like any latest technology, another ‘Romeo/Juliet’ then appears who steals the show and all the confessions about the previous person just evaporates… What happened to those previous feelings? Is it that the new ‘Romeo’ is obviously better than the former? Or is it just the boredom that comes from seeing the same ‘Juliet’ for too long? Is this Physiology at work or is it Chemistry mixing things up?


Does this attest to the innate greediness or lack of discipline in these individuals (or better still- us)? Or does it mean that people do not know what is best for them? Could it mean that these people are short sighted and cannot foresee that their ‘love’ will eventually wane? Do we conclude that these people are ‘Players’? 

What would have happened if this guy had proposed to the first ‘Juliet’? Would that have been the best option or would it have meant that he didn’t wait patiently enough? And if he waited patiently, what is the guarantee that a third ‘Juliet’ wouldn’t have come along, who would make the second look like a child’s Fine Art Assignment? Do we then say that this guy is greedy or unstable (or the girl too!)… The questions are endless… But I’m sure you get the drift. 

Let me even ask: Does it happen to married persons? 

I don’t have any answers but this is my thought: You can never marry the most beautiful or handsome person (for too long) because just like technology, the beautiful ones are not yet born… 

Ifeoluwapo Odedere
© 2012
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