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Dear Nancy: Episode 2 (Nancy’s Reaction)

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This post is a continuation of Dear Nancy – a breakup letter written by a guy to his very close girlfriend. If you’re new to the series, you can read it here. If you’ll like to contribute to subsequent episodes of Dear Nancy, send a mail to and stay subscribed to be in the know. 
So silent the words spoken
Quietly, piece by piece I fall apart
Helpless to do anything
For you were never within my grasp
I’m afraid to hurt
I cannot cry no matter how hard I try
My heart feels so full
I choke on my love for you
I dare not speak of all that my heart wishes it could say
I’m overwhelmed by loss
Drowning in a sea of sorrow
I cry out for help
But my pleas are overshadowed by your love for another
I wilt like a rose on a hot summer day
I die a thousand deaths in the warmth of your embrace
Yet unable to let go
Unable to heal
My wounds have festered
At a loss
I do not know which way to turn
All I can do is turn to you
Save me! Save me!!
Love me! Love me!!
Let my heart be all that you require
Let me be enough
I long for happiness
To know joy like I once did
So far away
So long ago
Those happy days seem to be
And all that is left is me and the pieces of a heart I can not mend.
This episode was written by Dogho Patience as a featured post.
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Dogho Patience is a medical doctor by training, a lover of children and a voracious reader. She is not a perfectionist but she is something close to it and nothing excites her more than the opportunity to challenge the norm. You can reach her on Facebook

Three more episodes will be published over the next few days and if you think there should be more to these responses, send a mail to
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