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Featured Post: What’s Up With The Light Skin?

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This week’s featured post by Moyo Oyebolu is an invitation to discuss the trend of err… skin toning among Nigerian girls. I’m sure you’d have a thing or two to say in this regard, so please drop your comments at the end of the post. 

I saw a friend’s girlfriend again after a couple of months and the first the thing I thought was ‘wow! she is lighter.’ I wondered if it was due to a lack of sunshine, or as we say in Nigeria, the evidence of good living. After a little bit of asking around, I found out that it was the popular ‘Skin Toning’ commonly known as ‘Bleaching’ but I let it slide.

The moment I realized I couldn’t take it no more was when I met this girl during NYSC. She was all glammed up for CDS (short for Community Development Service) and looking real pretty. Then one day she decided to go ‘Natural’.. Sweet heavens! It was a disaster. You can bet the world map wasn’t as colorful as her face was.. It got me thinking about what the love for colored skin was all about. 


Toning or bleaching used to be a smash hit as a kid, I remember those ladies in Shina Peters and other Fuji artist videos all looking paper white, shaking their bums in front of the TV. But it was okay because they were not ‘educated’ or so it seemed. But this recent resurgence of toning, I don’t understand at all! What makes it worse now is the fact that educated 20- something year old girls are the poster image for this phenomenon. Back then, toning used to be associated with uneducated, wannabe ladies who appeared to lack the common sense to understand that what they were doing had side-effects. But now, what is the new craze all about?? 

Whatever happened to the Lupita kind of beauty? Is it that yellow babes get the better guys or being yellow increases your chances of a getting a job? Or is it just a matter of low self-esteem.
I’m just wondering if someone can shed some light on the other reasons why ladies (and even guys) bleach. By the way, I refuse to believe that guys are the reason that ladies bleach. Not in this era of ‘Miss Independent

Ladies and gentlemen feel free to share your opinions. Perhaps we can help ourselves understand this epidemic.


Moyosore Oyebolu is a dentist, reader of Nigerian history and literature. An on and off writer, he is currently improving on his dental degree and hopes to use all he has learnt for public service. You can reach him on Twitter @Moyooyebolu

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