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The Bad Guys Got There First

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Anyone remember those days when the sight of ladies wearing trousers was as rare as Denrele dressing mainstream? Well I do. Back then wearing trousers was associated deeply with promiscuity. It so happened that when a lady wore suiting pants (trousers) to church, people looked at her as through a magnifying lens – you could almost tell that her Christianity was in question. Perhaps she has backslid or is a carnal Christian.

All that is history now. Wearing trousers is almost like second nature to everyone… okay, not everyone but you get my flow. From time to time, I ask myself why Christians perceived wearing of trousers by ladies to be bad in the first place? To which end I’ve developed a theory that attempts to provide answers this question – not only pertaining to the wearing of trousers but to why the church (and Christians) always seem to lag behind in major breakthroughs in life. I called the theory The Bad Guys Got There First. It’s very easy and here’s how it works:

A technological breakthrough is made and an invention is born. Quickly, it is snagged up by early adopters who have the foresight to see the benefits of this invention – be it in fashion, communications or entertainment. It so happens that these early adopters are non-Christians. So what happens? The Christians see the innovation or invention being utilized by the adopters for non-Christian purposes and come to the conclusion that this innovation has to be evil.

The innovation is therefore branded evil – not to be used by Christians. As a result, Christians miss out on what may promise to be the answer to their prayers simply because the innovation or method is being used by the bad guys.

Eventually, after the whole world must have gone light years ahead, the church suddenly discovers the need for this evil technology and decides to adopt it, constituting the group known in psychology as laggards. By this time, the world is ready to move on to the next breakthrough… and the whole cycle starts all over.

Sound familiar? Let’s refresh your memory a bit: The use of TV, the use of the internet, music production… and the list goes on. All these and more are instances where the church was slow to adopt technology and innovation, leaving it to the bad guys to use unhindered for their campaigns. The church then attempts to console itself by forming a cocoon, sealing itself from interactions with the outside world. That way, its deficiencies are not apparent.

What about the individuals – Christians? The same theory applies.

Ever wonder why Christian guys sometimes make poor lovers? It’s simple (though not that simple): It’s because they wont use techniques that they perceive as worldly – the bad guys who use and dump ladies have used these techniques so often that the good guys think it has to be bad. So what’s left? Christian brothers be quoting scriptures to their fiancées instead of taking them out on a date. They’d be singing worship songs instead of singing love songs. By the way, those love songs were written and sung by bad guys. Therefore forgerrit!

So you have your explanation for why Christians (not all) are carrying last in all activities except in the word and prayer. The attitude of vacating opportunities simply because they are being used by non-believers won’t take Christianity anywhere. We won’t be of much use to our world if we don’t learn how to relate with those in the world. Christians should learn a thing or two from these bad guys. It will make life a whole lot more meaningful. The fact that a person makes use of a technology or approach for bad purposes doesn’t make that technology bad. Instead of thinking of an invention as the devil’s tool, we should be thinking of how we can use it to further God’s kingdom on earth. And until we make that adjustment, the bad guys will keep on winning.

Ifeoluwapo is a Medical Doctor, Brand Strategist and the Author of Musings of an Analytical Mind. He loves to challenge conventional thinkingife3 and is a firm believer in the coexistence of aesthetics and quality. You can follow him on Twitter – @ifeodedere

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