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Ever wondered why there is only one edition of the bible? Have you thought of how many volumes of the bible will be in existence if the books did not stop at Revelation? Just guess.
What we have come to know as the bible is a collection of ‘spirit inspired’ books written 2000+ years ago containing God’s words to man concerning issues pertaining to life and (godly) living. Since God speaks every day, it will be right to reason that his words should translate into more books other than the bible that we have now, which will then be updated yearly or quarterly as deemed fit.

However, this is not the case. What we have is one bible, written ages ago. Did God stop speaking 2000+ years ago? Is there a draught of great prophets and godly people in this present time whose lives are worthy of studying? Definitely no. Our quest to discover more volumes or sequelae of the Bible brings us to the concept of The Living Bible.
In the days of old, the Israelites were given certain commandments by Moses that they were to live by. However, in today’s world, what we have is a set of commands given to us on a daily basis by God’s Spirit. The Living Bible contains a record of our lives, actions and experiences written, not on paper but on the hearts of individuals around us. The message in this bible is not meant primarily for us but the ‘unbelievers’ around us.
As Christians, our actions are being watched daily by the unbelieving world around us. The decisions we make everyday with respect to God’s commands are being scrutinized through cynical lenses of those who may never get to open an actual bible. In the end, the way we lead our lives determine the type of message that unbelievers will get out of the ‘bible’ that they are ‘watching’ – a clear one or a distorted one.
Ifeoluwapo Odedere
© 2012 

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