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The Scientific God

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Science and Christianity have been at logger heads for as long as I can remember. In church, you hear pastors and church members quickly point out a failure of a scientific project as one of the reasons why science ‘can’t compete with God’. On the other hand, atheists are quick to point to the scientific achievements of our time as reasons why we don’t need a ‘god’.

How about we take a different approach… just for two minutes?

I think God is really scientific and I’m serious. Consider the two scenarios which actually inspired me to write this piece. The first is the ascension of Jesus into heaven after his resurrection. You will recall that the while he was speaking with his disciples, Jesus was ‘taken up’ to heaven. Fast forward to almost twenty centuries later and we had the invention of the rocket engine (and the space rocket) that will eventually ‘take man up’ to space.

The second example falls into the realm of prediction a.k.a. prophecy. Read through the pages of scripture and you will find numerous prophecies (many already fulfilled) detailing events yet to occur in a distant future. So how does science have anything to do with this? The answer is data, actually Big Data. With the advent of and advances in mobile technology, humans have generated more content and ‘data’ in the last few years than all years before it. Sophisticated computers can now take this data, analyze it and using the statistical formulas you neglected at school, make fairly accurate predictions. Now, scientists may call these predictions, but I see prophecy in the making. Have you ever wondered how that product just seems to get you or how LinkedIn knew that Simbi was an old classmate you needed to connect with? The story of how Target Stores was able to point out a teenage pregnancy illustrates this perfectly.

So here’s my point: Maybe God and science aren’t that separate after all. Maybe science is just a catch-up version of God (a slow one at that). Maybe scientific breakthroughs are simply man gaining insight into the things God did centuries ago. Maybe science is just proof of our limited understanding.

So rather than pitch God against science whenever we see a new ‘disturbing’ invention, how about we just give thanks to Him that men who have finally caught up with what He did centuries ago.


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I am a Medical Doctor, Brand Strategist and the Author of Musings of an Analytical Mind. I love to challenge conventional thinkingife3 and am a firm believer in the coexistence of aesthetics and quality. You can follow me on Twitter – @ifeodedere

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