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Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years?

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Unless you have a brain transplant, your way of thinking will remain the same for the next ten years, unless…

This post is a transcript copy of the leaflet I distributed during the talk I had with secondary school students in five schools in Lagos during my National Youth Service Year. The title of my talk was ‘Where Do You Want To Be In Ten Years’. Well, I have to get back to my speech talk now. I hope you learn a thing or two from it. Ttyl. 

“In the next ten years, I’m sure you would like to have accomplished some great things. However, there is a way that great people think that ordinary people are yet to fathom. And to attain this greatness, you must cultivate this ‘great mindset’.

So how do you start thinking in a way that makes you great?

Four things influence the way you think and ultimately, your mindset. If you can pay attention to them, you can start thinking like a great mind.

1. The books you read
What books are you reading? Apart from your academic books, which are compulsory, do you read books that educate you on topics and issues you don’t know about? Or you only read gossip? Maybe you don’t read at all.
‘He who does not read is not better than he who cannot’

2. The people around you
This is probably the most important determinant of how you think.
Who are your friends? What company do you associate with? Who are your reading partners?
Are they people who want to become great people in life? Do they have plans to go to university? Or do they encourage you to smoke or drink or miss class?
Are they only focused on football or parties or the latest designs?  Do they encourage you to cheat?
You have to study who your friends are and decide if they are contributing to your achieving your 10-year dream or goal.
‘You become like the people you spend most of your time with.’

3. The places you go
Have you ever left your place of birth?
Do you know the many wonders that are out there?
Many of the things you dream about or imagine already exist. 
You haven’t seen them because you haven’t visited the place where they exist.
‘But I don’t have money to travel?’ – you don’t have to travel to visit somewhere. You can read about the place or even watch about the place, which brings me to…

4. (Multi)Media
What do you watch on TV or listen to on radio? What websites do you visit – Facebook? Porn?
When you watch and listen at the same time, it’s called multimedia.
What kind of songs do you listen to? Do they inspire premarital sex?
What kind of movies do you see?
The websites you visit, do they increase your knowledge and make you more valuable to your society?

All the great people that ever existed had to take charge of these four influencers of thinking.

There is no great person who does not read or have great friends.

You will never know much if you stay in one place. That’s why you come to school.

You soon become what you listen to or watch.


         Decide today to remove from your life every negative influence on your thinking and commit to become that great person you see in ten years.
See you at the top.”

Ifeoluwapo is currently a Corps member with the National Youth Service Corps has just completed his National Youth Service and is preparing to take on the world. You can meet him at camp @hypoxia13

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