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Reference: John 1: 23 (read it!)

It would have been easy for John to have claimed that he was ‘the christ’. Imagine the privileges, the honour and praises he would have received. However, John was humble and focused enough to admit his role in God’s kingdom – the forerunner of the Messiah.

To the question of who you are, the answer is: You are your purpose. Jesus and John discovered (or clarified) their callings by reading, in this case, the scriptures and prophecies. There is no doubt that God actually laid it in their hearts what they were to do in life but they still had to discover what 
prophecies they were to fulfill by reading.

In present times, it would seem that we should discover our calling from the bible, support our convictions with bible passages. To that I’d say: The primary source of purpose is God. He is the one who makes us aware of our purpose in his kingdom (in life) and he does that in different ways, the bible inclusive.

The ‘reading part’ involves reading the books relevant to your area of calling/interest, discovering what prophecies (inventions or innovations) are yet to be fulfilled. God lays it in your heart, you discover your role. Don’t wait for the whole package to drop in your laps. God is partnership minded, not a control freak.

Ifeoluwapo Odedere

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